Brown Ale

A classic Brown Ale English style, in which we use pale and dark malts and the best english hops varieties. Dark brown, may have little head due to low carbonation. Malty, with a lightly nutty character, with notes of coffee and roasted barley, caramel, honey and some fruitiness. Light body, low carbonation and relatively high […]


A top fermented beer Porter style. Dark brown, rich, complex, with roasted notes of coffee and chocolate. Medium-bodied, moderate carbonation, very soft taste with slightly bitter end. Easy to drink and enjoy!                   STYLE: Porter FERMENTATION METHOD: Top fermenting INGREDIENTS: Water, malted barley, barley, hops, yeast COLOUR: […]


A bottom fermented blond beer Helles style, the most popular in Munich. Light, with intense notes of cereals and a fine hoppy final. A simple beer, pleasant and drinkable, suitable for everybody and for any situation!                  

India Pale Ale

Amber beer American IPA style brewed with American hops. Fruity and herbaceus, with notes of citrus and resin and with an intense and persistent bitterness. A beer for those who love hops!                  

Honey Hale

A top fermented beer made with chestnut honey. Rich, warm, intense and full-bodied, with notes of honey and dried fruits and a long and slightly bitter end.                

Strong Bitter (No longer brewed)

A classic English Pale Ale. A traditional top-fermenting yeast yields a full bodied ale with a  fruity aroma. The highly aromatic hops are balanced by special malted barleys. Moderate alcohol content, light head and light carbonation, best served at cellar temperatures.                


A top fermented beer in the style of Blanche – Wit. A Traditional medieval brew typical of Belgium and North-Eastern France. Its hazy white character comes from suspended yeast and the wheat used in its making.                  


A blond, distinctive beer made famous in Cologne. One of the few top fermented beers still brewed in Germany. It’s similar to a Pilsner but less bitter and more fruity. Light and refreshing.